Kafue National Park




Found in the centre of western Zambia, Kafue National Park is the oldest and largest of Zambia’s national parks. It covers a massive 22,400 km2.

First established as a National Park in the 1950’s by the legendary Norman Carr, Kafue is one of the largest national parks in the whole of Africa. Despite its size and prominent location only two hours drive from Livingstone, it remains little-known and largely unexplored with vast tracts of its virgin bush still untouched. Thanks to its size and variety of habitat types the Kafue holds a fantastic diversity of wildlife .

In recent years the Park has seen a well-managed growth in the number of Safari Camps and Lodges that operate in and around the Park. This new interest has brought with it more visitors and investment to the area, notably in infrastructure with a number of well-graded roads and airstrips.

As a consequence of the increasing interest and benefits in terms of investment this brings, the wildlife is beginning to enjoy an increased level of protection by the Zambian Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), always aided and supported by the operators in and adjoining the park.


Chisa Busanga Camp

No rooms or tents: Chisa is made up of four luxury Nests, each designed to look and feel like a real weaver-bird nest… with many creature comforts, of course. With Chisa Busanga Camp our goal was to push architecture and creativity as far as they could go in order to mimic and the natural surroundings. ‘Chisa’ is the Nyanja word for ‘Bird’s Nest’ and each Chisa room was inspired by the weaver nests that decorate the area. The four Nests are built four metres off the ground where they are treated to expansive views yet still sit within the dappled shade from surrounding trees. Read More


Ila Safari Lodge

As a luxury tented lodge sensitive to the pristine ecosystem of Kafue National Park, Ila Safari Lodge is intimately woven into the stillness of its place on the Kafue River. From environmentally friendly, locally sourced building materials and solar-powered electricity to development of Zambia’s first electric game drive vehicle, Ila is a truly environmentally conscious safari experience. Yet it still manages to effortlessly infuse modern African style, elegance and comfort to make this your unique bush retreat in the heart of Kafue. Green Safaris’ sustainability ethos began with Ila Safari Lodge. Ila’s history though is much older and a fascinating story we love telling. Read More


Kaingu Safari Lodge

Situated on the banks of the Kafue River, in the heart of the Namwala Game Management Area, Kaingu Safari Lodge offers visitors access to the pristine, unspoilt wilderness of the Kafue National Park. The Park is opposite the Lodge and is accessible via a 10-minute boat trip, making KaingU the ideal destination for those looking for a true African Bush experience. Not only will guests be able to experience the abundance of wildlife in the Kafue National Park, they will also be able to take advantage of the Kafue River’s islands, rapids, and channels through a myriad of exciting river-based activities. Read More


King Lewanika Lodge

This camp is named after King Lewanika of the Lozi people, who proclaimed Liuwa Plain a protected area in the early 1880s, making it one of the earliest national parks in Africa. The only permanent camp in Liuwa Plain National Park, its six open-front luxury safari tents (including a two-bedroom, two-bathroom luxury family tent) are the essence of pure and simple luxury. Built using local techniques and sustainable materials, they run on solar power and are furnished using vintage leather, cotton and canvas—a nod to old-world safari days. Designed to completely immerse you in the vast landscape, each has an indoor and outdoor shower, a comfortable lounge and a verandah, all with stunning views over the plains. Read More


Mukambi Safari Lodge

Mukambi Safaris has three camps in Kafue National Park, Zambia and is one of the last untouched National Parks in the world. The three camps are Mukambi Safari Lodge, Busanga Plains Camp, and Fig Tree Bush Camp. Activities consist of game drives, sunset boat cruises, fishing trips and walking safaris on which you are likely to see elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, and hippo besides an incredible variety of birds. Mukambi Safaris combines romance and exclusivity with warm and attentive service. Read More