A concentration of small lodges, each having its own beach, is found around Chintheche on Lake Malawi’s northern shores. These are some of the best beaches on the lake. The lodges include Makuzi Beach Lodge, family-run with great food & individually decorated stone chalets, and with excellent connections to its local community. For groups or families is The Beach House, built in a colonial style on a wonderful stretch of beach and offering 4 double bedrooms in one house. 15km south of Chintheche is the very popular Kande Horse & Stables Guest House where horse riding can be enjoyed from excursions of a few hours up to two week tours. You can even ride the horses into the lake. As well as all the lake activities and horse riding, both Makuzi and Kande offer occasional yoga retreats.

In addition to the beautiful lakeshore, there is a site of historical interest at nearby Bandawe Mission. This was the location for the second attempt by Dr Robert Laws to establish a Livingstonia Mission. As at Cape Maclear, malaria took its toll and the missionaries moved further north to the present site on the Kondowe Plateau. The church remains, with its laterally sided pulpit and banked seating, as do a number of missionary graves.