Namib Naukluft




Namib-Naukluft National Park is located on the western side of Namibia just south of the midway point.  The park lies between the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean through to the beginning of the Great Escarpment which extends into South Africa.  It borders the neighboring Dorob National Park to the north.  The park covers an area of 19,216 square miles (49,768 sq km) creating the largest national park in Africa and the fourth largest in the world.  It is a renowned park featuring the splendor of the Namib Desert.

The Namib Desert is at the heart of the national park.  As the oldest desert in the world, it displays brilliantly colored sand dunes that are considered some of the largest in the world. The landscapes include remarkable mountains, naturally carved canyons, tremendous gravel plains, and towering and captivating sand dunes.

Many of the dunes serve as landmarks as well as individual attractions.  Here are some of the most popular dunes:

  • Dune 45
  • Elim Dune
  • Big Daddy

Salt and clay pans are iconic attractions in the national park.  Sossusvlei, Hiddenvlei, and Deadvlei are three of the most visited pans.  Sossusvlei is the most renowned, however, all three are known to home to wildlife that is attracted to the salt.

The dunes are some of the most popular features of the national park.  The park administration has developed asphalt roads that make it easy to see many of the more famous dunes and surrounding landscape. 

One of the best ways to truly appreciated the majestic nature of the dunes is from above.  Taking a scenic flight or balloon ride over the dunes is captivating as it allows you to truly capture the astounding size of the dunes and the endless sea of rolling desert.

Along with the dunes, the park is characterized by rocky outcrops and rock formations that are locally known as kopjes and inselbergs.  These rock formations are usually comprised of granite, feldspar, and sandstone.

As the desert moves closer to the shoreline, the terrain is characterized by lagoons, mudflats, and wetlands.  This terrain and vegetation attract hundreds of thousands of birds creating a birdwatcher’s haven.


The Desert Grace Lodge

From the outside The Desert Grace seems to blend into the surrounding dunes. Built from the desert sand, this modern lodge holds a surprise for those who enter the doors… Like something out of Hollywood, the interior touches would make Marilyn Munroe feel at home. Graceful spaces and gracious hospitality imbue this modern lodge with its elegance of yesteryear, spirited character and refreshingly stylish interior. Read More

Desert Hills Lodge

Inspired by the ancient San people who would dance their adventures to each other within the glow of their evening fires, Desert Hills Lodge provides visitors with unique and luxurious accommodation. Only 35km from the Naukluft gate, this Lodge is perfectly positioned to explore the Sossusvlei region. Delicious cuisine, a refreshing crystal pool and unique accommodation makes Desert Hills a dream destination when visiting Sossusvlei. Read More

Hoodia Desert Lodge 

The lodge opened in 2008 to accommodate guests from all over the world on an individual and small scale. Therefore only 11 luxury chalets with great distance between each other were planned to assure privacy in this breath taking environment. Read More

Kwessi Desert Lodge 

While information on what to expect here is sparse, we have known the company behind the lodge for a long time and have every faith that this will be a wonderful new offering set in one of Namibia most spectacular landscapes. Read More

Sossusvlei Lodge 

Situated at the Entrance Gate to the Namib Naukluft Park, Sossusvlei Lodge offers direct access to the towering red sand dunes, the famous pan of Sossusvlei, the scorched black trees of Dead Vlei and the remarkable depths of the Sesriem Canyon. Read More

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge 

The Desert Lodge is perched on top of a dune plateau, overlooking panoramic vistas in all directions and capturing the beauty of the desert in a most memorable way. The building style is a combination of wooden structures and canvas blinds, opening up to the desert beyond. The lodge reflects the ambience of a tented camp, but provides the comfort and protection of a permanent building. Each of the nine spacious chalets with en-suite bathrooms has a private verandah, which connects you to vast stretches of untouched sand. Sleeping with your canvas blinds open is just like sleeping under the stars. Read More