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We believe that to get the best from a trip to Africa, you need impartial advice from people who know Africa well, have actually been to the places where you are thinking of travelling and can advise you from first-hand experience – like our team!

Putting together an itinerary or a trip to this part of the world can be very discouraging as there is so much to choose and so many different aspects to the trip – This is where Tafika Travel Advisor comes in to fill in the gap. Based on our in-depth experience, knowledge of the destinations and facilities as well as our personal relationship with the hotels, lodges and activity providers, we are able to advise and guide you to put together a tailored safari taking into considerations your interests and passion and your budget.

We have a deep passion for Zambia and the other Southern African countries – it’s a friendly people its many wonderful cultures and its still, beautiful and unforgettable nature! We give a dedicated advise and offer the highest standard of services to our clients by ensuring that expectations are always met and exceeded and that no special needs are ever overlooked.

We aim for faultless administration of our clients’ safari and travel arrangements from their first encounter with us to the end of the tour or safari, with personal service as a hallmark. Tafika Travel Advisor is the only travel company speialized in handlaing tailor-made safaris and privately guided tours for Zambia.

Hot Safari Packages

Thinking about your preferred style of travelling, do you like to travel independently, meeting others along the way, but not being escorted in a group? If so, then a tailor-made trip from Tafika Travel Advisor will be very much your style of travel. That is what this website is devoted to offer you. We focus on independent travel, with smooth arrangements made in advance, operated by our teams on the ground in Southern Africa. When you are in safari areas, your arrangements will normally include all your full board accommodation and safari activities – wildlife-viewing camping tours, walking safaris, boat trips and more – as well as all your Southern African travel arrangements. Every aspect of your trip is planned in advance by our dedicated team of experts. For more Safari Packages CLICK HERE 

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If you’re on a lower budget and would prefer to join a group trip while on the ground, worry not – we have different types of activities that you can book. We provide outdoor recreation activities, airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, travel insurance, full day tours, insurance, VIP airport lounge access, arranging logistics for luggage and medical items delivery for travellers upon request, public transport timetables. For more Activities CLICK HERE