Dorob National Park




Dorob National Park, which incorporates core conservation areas and multiple use areas for adventure tourism, is a park of great imagination. Running from just south of Walvis Bay to the Ugab River in the north, it is a key piece of the puzzle along Namibia’s coast that allows for the entire 976 mile (1,570km) coastline of the country to be protected. Collectively, this area is known as the Namib Skeleton Coast National Park, and it consolidates three national parks: Skeleton Coast, Namib-Naukluft and Sperrgebiet, and includes four wetlands of international importance. The 10.754 million hectare mega-park is the sixth largest terrestrial park in the world and the largest in Africa. In fact, the protected area is larger than Portugal!

The Dorob National Park is another example of smart conservation in Namibia. There are core conservation areas set aside for rare and endangered species, while at the same time other areas are set aside for multiple uses, including adventure tourism, so that the very people who need and want to protect the park aren’t shut out. Windsurfing, kayaking amongst dolphins, quad biking and skydiving are popular coastal activities. The Dorob National Park is inclusive, progressive conservation that aspires to great, grand goals.