Liuwa Plains Community Campsite

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There are five community campsites in Liuwa and all have camp attendants and offer firewood and are open as long as the park is accessible. Katoyana, Kwale, Lyangu and Kayala provide water, cold showers and a flush toilet, but all drinking water needs to be brought with guests. Sikale campsite provides a long-drop toilet but doesn’t have water available at the campsite, therefore one has to bring in all the water that will be needed during a stay at Sikale.

The campsites are the responsibility of the community living in the park and with the help of African Parks, the community own and run them. This means that all profit generated from the campsites goes straight back to the local community via the Community Resource Board (CRB) and the Village Action Group (VAGs), who can then utilize this income in the wet season. Every campsite has its own characteristics. For guidance on choosing one of the campsites, please have a look at the descriptions below.


Katoyana – (approx. 2.5 hours from Kalabo) This is a campground that is located near the centre of the Park and allows access to the woodlands, pans and plains in the eastern area of the park. There are hyena dens nearby and the birdlife can be lovely both in the shaded areas of the campsite, as well as in the pans nearby. Katoyana is also located in the area where lion and cheetah sightings are frequent.

Kwale – (approx. 75 minutes from Kalabo) This camp is a located in the southern part of the Park. Buffalo herds are frequently sighted in this southern area of the park and the sausage tree area can contain large numbers of mammals during the last months of the year. The beautiful and shaded campsites are recommended for visitors who enjoy birdlife.

Lyangu – (approx. 75 to 90 minutes from Kalabo) Is situated with access to the western area of the park and still a relatively short drive from the park boundary. It is on the edge of a large plain and throughout different times of the year hyena, lechwe, wildebeest and birdlife at the pans are splendid in this area.

Sikale – (approx. 4 to 5 hours from Kalabo) This is our northernmost campground and is used infrequently as it takes many hours to reach it from the park boundary. During the cooler months, this is close to the area where the wildebeests are moving to and can be a beautiful remote and quiet place to visit. The facilities at this campground are for the self-sufficient traveller, as there are no toilets, showers or water points available at this campsite.

Kayala – (approx. 15 to 20 minutes from Kalabo) Is our campground just outside the park boundary, close to Kalabo and overlooking a small lake. This campsite is often used by visitors arriving late in the afternoon. From Kayala, one can easily drive early into the Park the next morning. As Liuwa Plain is a very sensitive area, we need to limit driving to the existing park road network, therefore there is no off-road driving.

The park is generally only accessible from May/June – December, due to certain areas getting cut off from the flooding. From May/June – October it will be sunny and dry, though especially during the Zambian winter it can become cold at night. October is generally the hottest month of the year. November and December are more overcast and we normally have the first rains starting here. These rains also bring magnificent thunderstorms with that can be an amazing spectacle to watch in a vast and open landscape as Liuwa.


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