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Zambia is by far the most underestimated country in Southern Africa – a hidden gem. Despite excellent game viewing, good infrastructure and remarkable nature, Zambia is not visited by many and offers quiet and undisturbed game watching.

  • South Luangwana NP
  • North Luangwana NP
  • Lower Zambezi NP
  • Kafue Np
  • Livingstone
  • Northern Zambia
  • 14 Nights Safari
  • 12 Nights Safari
  • 10 Nights Zambia-Botswana
  • 9 Nights Zambia Affordable
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Zambia Safaris

True Wildlife

A safari in Zambia will be unique. Due to few tourists that visit this country one feels totally at one with nature and can you watch game in total peace. Sitting quietly, you can observe the big cats and elephants without being disturbed by other tourists. These highlights are guaranteed during Safaris in Zambia:

  • Spectacular game viewing
  • Elephant river crossings
  • Abundance of big cat species
  • No masses of tourist in the nature reserves
  • Friendly local people
  • Diverse safari options such as canoes, boats and vehicles

Tafika Travel Advisor is an owner run Tour Operator based in Zambia. We specialize in tailor-making itineraries and travel packages within Zambia and other Southern African Countries. Putting together an itinerary or a trip to this part of the world can be very discouraging as there is so much to choose and so many different aspects to the trip.

Based on our in-depth experience, knowledge of the destinations and facilities as well as our personal relationship with the hotels, lodges and activity providers, we are able to advise and guide you to put together a tailored safari taking into considerations your interests and passion and your budget.

We have a deep passion for Zambia and the other Southern African countries – it’s a friendly people its many wonderful cultures and its still, beautiful and unforgettable nature!

We give a dedicated advise and offer the highest standard of services to our clients by ensuring that expectations are always met and exceeded and that no special needs are ever overlooked.

The Republic of Zambia is a landlocked Southern African country with eight neighbouring nations and a central capital city, Lusaka. The nation today has a variety of people with various African backgrounds. The official language in Zambia is English as all business is conducted through it; however most of the locals speak Nyanj and Bemba among themselves.